Social media manager apps

Looking for recommendations on an app/service to manage social media posts from iOS.

Current requirements are

  • Solid Instagram support (main channel)
  • Ability to schedule posts
  • Stats would be a nice bonus
  • One time purchase preferred, but reasonable subscription is okay

This is for a one-person operation, so no enterprise features required. Also, ease of use is essential for the not-so-technical entrepreneur.

Thanks guys!

I’ve had good luck for several years with Buffer.


Thanks, will check it out!

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+1 for Buffer. I’ve tried a bunch but I’ve come back to that.

For variety, I’ll also mention Social Pilot, which has better bulk uploads but I’m not sure their IG support is “solid” as much as “just there.”


I use Buffer to send my socials out and Hootsuite to manage/view my socials. Both are subscription-based but I just use the free versions (max of 3 social accounts).


I also use Buffer. I find it easy to use, which is great for me as I’m not the most technically adept person in the world.


Thanks all. Will sign up for an account with Buffer. Actually, the description of the free tier seems quite generous and possibly enough, at least for now.