Software choice advice


Like most of you, I’m the family IT guy. I have a few members of my family using emails on a family domain name.
I’ve moved all my hosting and got rid of most but I’m still being billed for a package that only supports email.
I’m fine with the process of moving domains etc but what I need advice on is how to export the email data and import it into the new platform.

Thanks folks, looking forward to hearing from you.

If both are imap accounts it could be as simple as drag and drop.


Thanks. How would I do that? Obviously there will be thousands of email.


First of all, before doing anything with the e-mails, make sure you have a good backup! Even though it’s a pretty straightforward process, there’s always something that can go wrong. So if you haven’t done so, stop reading and make a backup.

Top copy the mails from one account to another (the accounts can be on different servers) add both accounts to the same e-mail application. Select the e-mails that you want to move (they will actually be copied) and drag them over to a folder on your new e-mail account. If there are a lot of e-mails to be copied/moved, it’s probably best to do it in batches, e.g. by year/sender/recipient/subject.

I assume you could also export and import your mails: That might be a good option too.

But don’t forget… backup first. :wink:

A backup is a great idea. I’d considered it but not done it yet.
I was really hope some clever person was going to pop up and say ”use X app” but sadly not.

Looks like a more manual process is required. I may write an app to do it. Maybe.

There is software for this task (obviously):

Never used it myself though, and doing it manually has never been that much work for me (thousands of e-mails in several folders on multiple accounts).

What are you moving to?

If it’s FastMail they have a nice (online) Email import tool.

+1 for fastmail - it all happens server side so you don’t clog up your network