Software that offers universal search?

Are there any apps besides SnippetsLab and TextExpander that lets us press a keyboard shortcut (even when not using that app), then shows a search box where the results get filtered as you type and then you can hit return to paste that text or right click and copy?

To be able to offer suggestions, it might be helpful to be a bit more specific:

“Results getting filtered” – of what, exactly?

Things you have previously typed?
Files on your computer?

of the content stored in that software.

For example with TextExpander one can press control + / (the shortcut for inline search), search for abbreviations set inside TextExpander and see the results.

Screenshot from SnippetsLab (via Ctrl + S shortcut):

If I understand you correctly, you are asking if there is a specific software (other than say, Spotlight) that can produce filtered results from inside a specific application/other software?

If that is correct – then this really depends.
Launcher applications such as Alfred can be set up to search inside specific applications – but as far as I am aware – this is to allow one to see/find a specific file/document inside those applications. It won’t allow information to be ‘output’ into something else – as it is intended more as a means to open those files up, inside that application – but with it being ‘triggered’ from outside the application…

Maybe if you could provide more information of what it is you want to do – that could help narrow things down (as I am still not sure I understand what it is you are asking).

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I am asking what other applications are out there that have an inline search (that searches the content added to that particular app).

In other words, being able to search without switching to the app first.

Fair enough. I’m confused why you’re interested in this.

Anyways, Teacode is another example.

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