Software to backup multiple external drives to one bigger external? Also, to keep current things in sync?

Looking to consolidate some 10yr old random drives to one big new drive. Also, keep a couple drives I’m currently using synced with this big drive. Seems like a merge mess waiting to happen since some of the folders are similarly named on different drives etc.

1 Maybe I should just dump each individual drive to its own top level folder in the big drive and then go through the pain of manually merging everything? Open to suggestions. :thinking:

2 Once this is done, what’s good on the Mac to keep the two current drives in sync with the bigger one?

Having had this issue in the past, I went to dumping the drives into separate subfolders in one top level folder named “Archival”. I’ve made no attempt to merge them into a single hierarchy – search in Finder has always quickly located anything I wanted.

Not quite sure your objective with the syncing the drives you are currently using. I’m just guessing this is part of your backup strategy and not a plan to keep all your data on one giant drive (nothing wrong with that as long as it is in turn backed up). I do clone backups, which are generally best to a drive the same size, or at least a partitioned drive with a partition the same size. For syncing file structures between drives I use Chronosync with a scheduled sync configured. In this case it is between systems and not to an external drive, and I use ChronoAgent on the remote system. Chronosync gives one a crazy amount of control over the process. Perfect for a Mac Power User!


I think you are right to just go top level folder onto the drive and use finder. I have some real OCD with file structure, but it took me so long to collect that and I’ll resist the urge to completely consolidate. Will look into those. Thanks!

I second ChronoSync, and would add Beyond Compare for merging folders, if you decide to.

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I wrote some she’ll scripts using rsynch to do something similar