Software to catalog physical media?

Since Delicious Library seems to be done with, what’s the best app for cataloging physical media? We’ve completed a move, and now I’m going through my music collection and trying to piece together what I have and what I may have thought I had. I’d prefer something with a barcode scanner, so if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

If you can’t find, or decide to do without, a barcode reader, the Notenik
app is a great way to make a custom database that matches the way you think of your media collections. Being free to use, and implemented as a folder of Markdown files, means you are never locked in. It is good at displaying your data flexibly, as well as importing and exporting to other apps.

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For music collection, I still find Discogs to be the best. It has a comprehensive database of different releases and notes on the quality from other users. Their mobile app has a barcode scanner too. I’m also a longtime DL user, and the only thing left for me to migrate are my books, if I can reliably open DL and export my list, though since I’m planning to transfer my collection without going through scanning each book again.

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I used to have a quite large collection of books, and a decent gathering of vinyl, and I was quite happy with Collectorz software. I haven’t used them in years, but I see they are still around. Free trial, even if very short — 7-day — which is pretty lame for any software trial, IMO.

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I really like LibraryThing. There’s an iOS app to scan ISBB barcodes, and it works with books, ebooks, DVDs, and CDs. You can also import data from other sources, including spreadsheets, data is easily exported, and you can customize metadata or add items by hand. Libraries can be public or private. I’ve been using them for decades, and accounts are now free; they used to be paid.


I’m looking for that feature in the app (I just discovered Discogs recently, and I’m hooked), but I can’t find it. But this is exactly what I had in mind.

I see this app (‎Discographic for Discogs on the App Store), but I don’t know if that’s what you meant.

Thanks for the tip!

Use this link as this is the official app: ‎Discogs on the App Store

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Thanks. I’m dense. I was looking for a feature instead of just in the search bar! This works great.

I use Neofinder to catalog all my external disk drives. Very feature rich.

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I’ve used Bookpedia but not the others in the set. All look a bit behind on the update curve.

Like @dfay I’ve used Bookpedia for physical books and Ive also used CDPedia to catalog music CDs and DVDpedia to catalog movies.