Software to Create a Banner

I need to create banner graphics for ads for my work. I am given or need to choose images, scale them down to 270 x 90 pixels then add a few words on them before published them online. I could add words first then scale them down. I am not finding much joy with Canva and would love a Mac friendly application.

What are products I could consider?
Thank you

Pixelmator Pro, Affinity Photo, Adobe Photoshop (too overpriced for what you need and not Mac native). Not sure on any other apps as these are the ones I use for design work.

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+1 for Affinity Photo (or Affinity Designer if vector graphics are needed)


Another vote for Affinity Photo/Designer, they are excellent tools for this kind of work.


For Mac-friendly look no further than Affinity. Great apps.

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this post made me think of Print Shop from Broderbund on a dot matrix printer.

I got the warm and fuzzies… :smiley:


You could also check out Adobe Spark - professional results with easy entry in case you don’t have a lot of prior experience with graphics. That also gives you access to Adobe Fonts and quite a few stock photos, I believe.

Of course, Affinity Designer and Photo are great too, but might have a bit of a learning threshold.

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Thank you so much. It was great to login and find your thoughts and recommendations.

I am looking for the basic toolset and have for more professional functionalities, and along with Navigation and ease of the use are priorities.

To those of you who have experience with Affinity and Pixelmator, how would you describe their differences? What stands each apart?

Thank you @macsorcery. I remember a lot of those warm and fuzzies too!