Solo Loop Apple Watch band

I continue to resist the siren call of the Series 6, but I did order one of the new Solo Loop bands. It arrived today.

I’d measured my wrist using the printout and fell right in the of Size 8, so that’s what I ordered. The fit is just right. I’d describe it as snug without being tight. The watch isn’t flopping around but I don’t feel like I have a tourniquet on my wrist.

The Cyprus Green looks quite nice on a stainless watch. I put it on my old stainless Series 4 that I use for sleep tracking. I think the Solo Loop will be very comfortable on a sleep watch. I’ll give it a few days, but my first impression is that it’s even more comfortable than the Sport Band.

I’ve never been one of those who changes watch bands all the time. I’ve been running the link bracelet since I got it alongside the Series 3. It’s made the move to the Series 4 and 5 as I upgraded. While I love my link bracelet I’m somewhat afraid that the Solo Loop might tempt me away from it.


I really want to buy one but I’ve not had a printer in a decade :rofl:

I’ll guess I’ll have to wait for lockdown to end and go and try it in a store. It might be the year to go stainless steel

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If you want (and you’re in the U.S.) I’d be happy to print out the sizing thingy and snail mail it to you.

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Apple also gives instructions on other ways to measure.

thank you! but im over in Australia, I can wait or presumably use a tape measure, as neonate suggest,

I think after the return issues, ill wait and it will be a nice first visit to the shops for a while :slight_smile: