Solution Sought for "Spaces" or similar on iOS

Here’s the problem I’m looking to solve:

I’m an attorney and occasionally get asked to give quick answers to client questions. To do that, I’m frequently referring to some combination of websites, .pdfs, emails, and notes (mostly stored in Ulysses).

I’d like to be able to set up and save a sort of “home base” for answering questions on a given topic, such that:

  • the websites are either opened, or a I have a set of links to open them;
  • the .pdfs (or the folder that they’re in) is loaded;
  • the right Ulysses group or sheet is opened; and
  • a new blank Draft is opened to start typing up my answer, etc.

On a mac, I could probably use spaces, or some sort of KM macro to get all this in place. But I don’t have a mac at the office, and need do this with iOS. I can think of several ways that this might be done (DevonThink/KeepIt spaces, a shortcut to open things, etc.) but before I go try half-a-dozen different options, I’m curious if anybody has a similar use case and has set up a system that really works well.

If so, please share!

Why not just tag the appropriate files in Devonthink and then share them with your program of choice. As for Web sites, you could just have a Text Expander/ or typinator snippet or keep dedicated lists in Copied (or any text file which could be tagged in DT).

Just putting everything in Devonthink may be the way to go. (Though as I said, I think there are many different ways this could be done).

Just wondering if anybody has created this sort of a set-up for themselves and what they found worked well and what worked poorly.