SOLVED - 1Password - any ideas on mapping a major change to many entries?

Hi everyone, I’m a long time user of 1password but haven’t really kept up to date with its functions over the years. Can anyone help me with a process which involves bulk updating?
I’m currently swapping email address over to ‘hey’ after many years and this means I have an epic task of changing over log-ins on many websites. I want to log each successful change as I do it via 1password and started by tagging each one ‘hey’ to show I’d changed it. As it will take me weeks to complete all of the changeover, I was hoping I could do a smart search of "not tagged with ‘hey’ every time I start a new session of updating until it’s done, but I can’t see a smart search. Am I missing something? Is there another way I could do this so each time I sit down I can sort by those that haven’t been updated to the new email address?
All ideas most gratefully received - thank you.

I suggest tagging every entry that needs to be changed with something like “Change for Hey”, then when you change the password change the tag to “Ready for Hey”. Or whichever two tags you want. The Tags section of 1Password7 can then be used to track your work.

Also, tag in 1Password7 can be nested so could consider making the two tags children of a master tag then just focus on the master tag.

oh thank you and I just found the advanced search function under ‘edit’ - oops! Thank you.