[Solved] Password Autofill with Safari 12.1 always prompts for user password

It seems that Safari 12.1 (installed with macOS 14.4.4) prompts for the user account password every time Safari offers to autofill a password for a web site.

I must be looking in the wrong place for the setting to turn this annoying prompt off.

I see that also. Haven’t find a way to remove it. Is the same for the iOS new update, maybe a feature?

A very unwelcome feature, in my opinion. I’m in my office, on my personal network, using my personal machine, and there’s no possibility someone is looking over my shoulder and cares to know my password for this forum, for example.

The new extra layer of security is silly and pointless. I’d be glad to turn it on when I’m at a coffee shop, and off otherwise.

I agree 100% with you. It drives me crazy since even with a MBP with Touch ID if is closed, is an inconvenience

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On an XS, you can turn this on and off in Settings > Face ID and Passcode > Use Face ID For: Password Autofill. Do you have an equivalent?

I tested it a couple of times. When it’s on, when Safari is about to autofill a form, it’ll authenticate with Face ID, and then submit the login automatically.

When it’s off, Safari will autofill the credentials without any authentication, but it won’t submit the login form after autofilling.

This same change is also on the latest macOS release; its been asking me to auth with Touch ID and then auto-submitting login forms where possible.

I’ve never seen it auto-submit something like a contact form on iOS or macOS.

This feature is very much welcomed by me because it’s increasing security while saving me time, but it sounds really annoying if Face or Touch ID isn’t set up. And I think you have a good point about being able to set different behavior on safe networks.

My question was about macOS not iOS.

Hmmm, I’m curious. How do you save time when macOS is continually asking for the user password?

That’s the answer. The setting was in System Preferences > Touch ID. I turned off Use Touch ID for > Safari AutoFill and the behavior stopped. The macOS 14.4.4 update process probably added or activated that setting.

Cool – thank you @LuisMartinez!

Looks like you found the setting; it’s in the same place on macOS.

It’s a wash on macOS because I’m putting my finger on touch ID to approve the credential instead of clicking something, but it saves time on iOS because no physical interaction is required. When Face ID comes to the Mac, it’ll save time there as well.

On macOS the relevant setting is System Preferences > Touch ID. There is no Settings > FaceID and Passcode in macOS. So, not really. Not in the same place.

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