Some developers don’t want to survive

So Spend Stack a good looking but ultimately expendable app just had an update and the developer thought doing this would be ok.

I can pretty much replicate the list features in Soulver.

I love good UI as much as much as anyone but if are willing to mar your craft with a big ugly advertisement in the center I have little use for you.

I’m looking at this app in the App Store and it retails at 3,49. How can there be ads on a paying app? That’s crazy.

Ahhh makes sense now. Jordan Morgan sold his LLC and Spend Stack to another party. They probably promised him they’d be good stewards of the program.

First major release they don’t grandfather any of the previous purchasers into the new subscription and they insert a giant ad as an annoyance.

Deleted and will be avoiding this new company like the plague. Jordan Morgan is alright …I get starting a family while working a FT job and trying to get your LLC off the ground as well. I’ll check out his next project but Spend Stack is dead to me.


I’m seeing the ads as well after upgrading, however the update notes in the app store state:

so I am guessing there is an issue with their identification of purchases. I’ve tried the restore purchases option and that did not recognise my purchase, so time to try out the new owners’ customer services

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A new update has just been posted in the App Store and the grandfathering issue seems to have been fixed; certainly I’m seeing no more ads.

Thanks Tony

I need to check to see if I paid for it. I’m pretty sure I paid for the program likely at a small discount.

I realize that Devs gotta eat and also this is an issue that I put a bit on Apple’s shoulders. I should be able to easily pull up the data of purchase, purchase price and other relevant data on all store purchases.

Contrary to conventional wisdom I do not particularly want to deal with multiple stores …I want a store that eliminates rough spots like such historical data.