Some Health Based Shortcut Help

Trying to get healthy and I’d like to be able to create a shortcut that shows how much weight I’ve lost over the past week (or month).

I’ve sort of figured out how to get my weight by using the “Find Health Sample Where” and I know I need to use the “Calculate”, but I just can’t seem to get the right data doing what I want it to do.

Basically, I just want to subtract what I weigh today from what I weighed a week ago.

Any help?

I’m guilty of answering a different question than you asked, but I really like the iOS app Scelta for weight tracking. It looks at weight statistically, so that your weight on a single day isn’t that important, but what matters is the trend.

Downloaded the app recommendation. Looks interesting. Still would like to see about the shortcut if just for learning how to do it better.