Some tools for download websites

Hi, maybe someone have experience with apps/services to download a hole website for offline viewing?

It need to be a hole website, not a just a one link.


I’ve used DownThemAll successfully in Firefox for a long time (decades already?).

DEVONthink has this feature, at great cost once you’ve paid the license fees, and its download menus are arcane and confusing.

I’ve used that Firefox plugin, mostly to grab images from sites. For more sophisticated downloads that can pull down an entire site, I’ve used SiteSucker ($5), which is in the Mac App Store.

There are similar apps like Blue Crab ($25).

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The classic tool for this is wget.

I haven’t used it for that in a long time, but I think something like this should work:

wget  --mirror --adjust-extension --span-hosts --convert-links \
--backup-converted --page-requisites --continue ''

You’d have to install it first, either via brew or MacPorts, and it’s a command-line tool not a Mac app. But it is free, and very powerful.

p.s. - “whole” = “entire, all” vs “hole” = “a thing that you dig”. Not meant as a criticism, just an attempt to be helpful.

English is not my native language, so thank you for your help

Funny that you mention DEVONthink, because I downloaded it yesterday to find out if it’s something for me.
Will try it later. I use VoiceOver, so haven’t figured out yet how to navigate in the app.

I’d rather use “–recursive” and “–domain” to get everything contained in the site and nothing externally. But most of the time “wget -m” will do the job.

You’re welcome. I have studied some “foreign” (to me) languages, and was always extremely terrible at them, so you are well-ahead of me, and I have heard that English is a notoriously difficult language for a lot of reasons.