"Some Updates could not be installed" on Big Sur

I recently setup a brand new MacBook Pro M1 and the first thing I did was to update to the latest version of Big Sur. After the download completed, I was asked to enter my Admin password in order to restart the device. For some reason, entering the password seemed to do nothing so I just restarted the computer via the Apple menu. (I don’t quite get why it is asking you for a password to restart but I guess its a way of making sure the computer doesn’t restart when the user doesn’t want it to).

Anyway, once I restarted and wanted to enter my password on the login screen, it would not accept my password. I found some stories on the net about a bug in Big Sur that makes it forget which account is an admin account (or that account’s passord? Or both?). Anyway, since it was a brand new MacBook with nothing to loose, I reinstalled MacOS and, strangely, I did not even need to create a new user but the old password for the old user worked again.

So that was two or so weeks ago.

Today I wanted to update to MacOS 11.3 and it looks like the exact same thing is happening again. The update is downloaded and available to install but when I click on restart now, it asks me for my password and when I enter it the notification that “some updates could not be installed” pops up and that’s it. Here you go:

So I’m thinking: maybe I shouldn’t force a restart via the apple menu this time, because I have a sense for what’s going to happen then.

I can add that my password still works fine in other places (e.g. unlocking privacy features in system settings).

Any idea what to do instead?

Do M1 machines still have NVRAM? If so you might try resetting it before trying again.

I think the updates not installed message you see there is probably the App Store bug that keeps apps from updating, rather than the Big Sur update. The reason being it says updates plural.

I just installed the BS update, and some of my apps wouldn’t update afterward (or before). Maybe tomorrow :thinking:

I think I read somewhere that NVRAM in M1 Macs is reset upon reboot…

Good point. Strange, though, that it comes up exactly when I want to reboot after MacOS upgrade… :thinking:

Exactly, that has been my experience during the past weeks and months…