Someone is Getting Fired For This 😂

“ 10:41: After a dazzling transition, Federighi is now dressed as the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. (Some sort of robot/artificial intelligence theme tonight, perhaps?)”

Read to the very end if you want to see what the “One More Thing” is…


Woof. Apple journalists are going to have a very busy weekend.

He walks over to a Space Black 16-inch MacBook Pro that, unbeknownst to viewers, is using a pre-release M4 Max. (He’ll later reveal this little Easter egg in a November 2024 video interview with Marques Brownlee.) His hair is still impeccable.


affable android


Just because someone always misses the notice: This is humor. Not real.


Uh, folks did see this part, right?

" (For the avoidance of doubt, and to hopefully minimize the number of angry emails, this is not real. The script below is a mixture of educated guesses based on leaks and past behavior, and silly jokes based on the mannerisms we’ve noticed at Apple events. Some of this will turn out to be accurate; some will be wrong. Please don’t take it too seriously.)"


You do realize this is just Click Bait, dont you? :roll_eyes:

This forum is fascinating

Calm down.

Twenty characters.

:roll_eyes: Yes. It was right at the beginning. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it.

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lol. I’m calm. Fascinating = entertaining

Darn, no, I was tricked by the headline and skimmed the article.

Hey Siri, can you summarize the article “Read the WWDC keynote before it happens—every announcement and all the AI”

Siri: “I’m sorry I don’t understand the question”

Ok, Hey Siri, “how is generative AI impacting mobile tech in 2024?

Siri: “Got it. Here are the directions to Grinnell, Iowa via US 34”

Hmmm. “Hey Siri, how will iOS 18 improve my user experience?”

Siri: “iOS 18 will introduce exciting new feature like the ability to send and receive email and browse the Internet with ease. Apple is also introducing a phenomenal new app they are calling Tape that will calculate numbers including the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Tape will only be available on devices with M4 Pro processors or better.”

Ok, sounds great. Hey Siri, can you call my wife.

Siri: Got it. I understand you’re on fire. Hold on, I’m calling the fire department for you.

Hey Siri, forget it.

Siri: I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

[Install Google Assistant]


Mark Gurman’s leaker at Apple will definitely get fired, if caught, though…


But what if it’s Tim Cook himself? :thinking::joy:

He could stop that by pretending Trump was right and that his name is actually Time Apple after all.

Gurman has been publishing scoops about Apple since 2016. And that makes me think that 1. Apple isn’t capable of finding the mole which makes them look incompetent, or 2. Mark’s source is known to Apple and just doing his job.

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I’m going with this option.

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Yeah, I think this is the case. Apple is actually very good at finding and blocking leaks.

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This is :100: hilarious!
:stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

As am I, avoiding all their output.