Something to consider when choosing a calendar app

Like many, I was soured by the news Fantastical had increased their subscription pricing. Thanks to an MPU discount a while back I decided to stick around, but it didn’t stop me from investigating other options.

One thing I hadn’t considered until recently - and outlined in a previous post I made - is how your app of choice “connects” to your calendar service.

I had considered trialing a run with the stock app, but as mentioned in the post I linked, adding an Exchange account gives your employer the ability to remote wipe your device.

I’m Fantastical, I can add an office 365 account specifically, so the remote management (if I understand correctly) can only erase date from that particular account, not my entire phone.

So I’d say that apps like Fantastical and Outlook are highly advantageous in that a remote wipe of your entire device isn’t possible.

Something to consider when selecting an app in my opinion. Whether or not your employer would actually remote wipe your device is another story, but accidents happen as outlined in my linked post.

Until apple adds Office 365 accounts, I can’t see myself using their stock app.