Sometime simple is best?

I think I have tried them all…

OmniFocus, Todoist, Things, 2DO, GoodTask, Microsoft To-Do, Google Keep, AnyDo, Sorted, Reminders and calendar apps that include tasks, such as Fantastical, BusyCal, NotePlan, Calendar 366 and others.

A never-ending search for the perfect task manager (to do list) app.

I may have found it - depending on what the new iOS 13 and Catalina version of Reminders brings to the table - although they still will not be multi-platform, and I am ‘forced’ to use Windows at work.

It is Microsoft To-Do (MTD), now that they have released a Mac Desktop version of the software on the Mac App Store. I know, criminal, choosing a Microsoft product over an Apple or Mac specific one, but there you go.

I do not need all the features of OmniFocus and for quite a while Things has been my go to, except when I hanker for the aforementioned Windows compatibility, then it is usually Todoist.

But, with the new native version of MTD, as well as native Windows, Android (don’t have one, but they cover that base if I am ever tempted to move to the dark side, unlikely) and iOS (iPhone and iPad) they cover all the operating systems I currently use.

It has the features I use; date, without having to set a time, which just annoys me, a reminder, if I want one, I can add notes, create repeating tasks, add files (not that I do) and create additional lists - I have one for wishlist items I might get around to one day.

It is not ‘spoiled’ by what I would consider unneeded clutter (features) I don’t want.

If there was one ‘feature’ I would remove, it is the banner at the top of each list. Yes, these can just be made a plain colour, rather than use one of the featured landscapes, but they use a little bit of space I would rather they did not.

What do others think? Oh, and is there some superb task management app I have missed?

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Can you use to access Reminders while on your work kit?

Of course. That’s normally understood by anyone using an employer-provided kit. Or should be.

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I think you may have missed using a streamlined subset of features in one of the apps you already tried. The task manager I use is one you’ve tried, and I use it for all the things you do, but it has the power to do more if needed or desired (like putting dated/timed tasks in my calendar, and my ability to move it in the calendar and have the change sync back to the task manager).

If you’re happy with Microsoft’s product, great. The Mac app appeared in the MAS a couple of days ago, and Microsoft has been working hard on the app ever since it announced it would be sunsetting Wunderlist. I personally don’t like a single ‘My Day’ view without being able to see Tomorrow or Next Week, so it’s not for me. But it seems to be a good basic app, and at least they seem to be on the right track wrt privacy.

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I didn’t see GoodTask (MacStories review) in your list of apps you have tried. Rather than a stand-alone app, it interfaces with Apple Reminders, thus giving you all the integration with other Apple apps and the availability of extensive Siri shortcuts. It’s also available on iOS and Mac OS, so you always have the information available.

I started using it a few months ago as a replacement for most of my to-do apps and haven’t looked back.


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Hi Tony, GoodTask was there, hidden amongst the others. Do like it, and it makes Reminders far more useful.

You’re right, of course. I gotta stop replying to messages when I’m half asleep! But, I’m still sold on GoodTask even when I am half asleep.

Actually, and this shows just how fickle I am when it comes to task managers, I might reactivate GoodTask (never deleted it, just switched off notifications and closed the app), as I am very interested in the new version (iOS 13, iPad OS and Catalina) of Reminders. As GoodTask uses the Reminders database, this would make it easy to swap over to Reminders once the public beta of the new OS’s are available.

And yes, I am aware there is no Windows version, so would be losing that… :frowning:

Thanks Tony