Sometimes not getting a reminder to get up; fix/workaround?

Somehow my Apple Watch (Nike+ Series 3, watchOS 5.1.2) is sometimes not reminding me to get up at 10 minutes before the full hour (causing me to miss a blue tick), though the option is enabled in the Apple Watch App on my iPhone (X, iOS 12.1.2).

Anyone else experiencing this as well?

What’s your fix/workaround?

Mine stops reminding me after I close the ring (12 hours, not adjustable). I don’t think that there’s a way to change that behaviour, though I wish there would be. If you’re not getting notices while the ring is still open, that sounds like a bug :frowning:

Yes, I indeed meant “while the blue ring is not closed yet”.

(and yes, I would also like to continue get reminders after I have filled the blue ring)