Sonarr vanished, from TWO servers!

Upgrading the network and strangely enough Sonarr stopped working on both networks. Radarr and others work fine.

  • shifted primary server from Apple Time Capsule to Linksys Velop WHE01 (time capsule switch to bridge mode.)

  • Snynology DS app updated

  • Docker updated

Unclear why all the services/apps are working as normal except Sonarr which stopped on both servers. :man_shrugging: If ip or dns changes happened etc, I would expect Radarr to have the same problems, for example, as Sonarr.

It is interesting, both Sonarr, and Radarr, seems to be from the same developer, and both have something else in common:

I was not able to figure out, by simply visiting their websites, what those apps are supposed to do!?

It might be something in the area of streaming, but that is only a wild guess.
Why can’t this, and a lot of other companies, not set up their Websites in a way, a potential customer could tell what they offer, without guessing and long searching?

I hear you. In this case, they’re open source projects, so the websites are a bit of an afterthought. The GitHub project readme files do better jobs explaining.