Sonoma - High Memory Usage?

On a different thread @fivemufc pointed out high memory use with Bartender5 and Sonoma. I am running Sonoma on a Mac mini (M2) with 16 GB RAM and Ventura on a MBA (M2) with 8 GB RAM. My Sonoma version is 14.0 (23A344) - was running the developer beta but this is now turned off.

Here is the memory use comparison:

Sonoma - Bartender5 - 613 MB
Ventura - Bartender4 - 14 MB

Disturbing to me is ScanSnap SshlmgProc, which is using 1.013 GB on Sonoma (this is background memory use as I am not actively scanning now). I don’t have this on my MBA so I can’t compare. I say this is disturbing but had I not looked at Activity Monitor, I would have used my Mac mini and probably wouldn’t have noticed anything. :grinning:

Anyone else noticing anything that you would consider unusual memory usage in Sonoma?

I am generally noticing more RAM usage for apps in Sonoma. I believe this is the early adopter tax while Apple and app developers iron out the bugs.


To add a third datapoint, Bartender4 on Sonoma (with Intel CPU) takes 128MB on my system. So it might be the case that both Sonoma and Bartender 5 share the blame.

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With 3 datapoints, I think we’re ready to publish. :crazy_face:


Let’s try for a fourth datapoint! Sonoma 14.1 (beta), Bartender 4, Intel CPU – 48MB. So it looks like a 2x improvement when the .1 Sonoma is released.

Moral: don’t install any .0 software.

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For the heck of it, I installed Sonoma Dev Beta on my Mac mini - Memory use for almost everything went down. The Sonoma version is 14.1 Beta (23B5046f).

Bartender5 went from 580 to 18 after the update. So Apple is continuing to optimize memory in Sonoma. :grinning:

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I was wondering if anyone would have any idea whether these dynamic background images of Sonoma etc would potentially use more resources to display than just any normal background image?

Also, if widgets potentially did the same?