Sonos Airplay 2 Support is here!

You need to update the app first (which of course, my devices are hanging on doing), but it looks like it’s here a week early!


So I got my iPad to update the Sonos app and then updated my Sonos, and Airplay 2 works! It’s snappy, with just the shortest pause when hitting play - and no pause at all when pressing pause. Now I just need all the apps to support Airplay 2 :smiley:

I plan on updating tonight. Hoping I can get my Apple TV to play though them and get rid of the older speakers.

tried to update… no luck, only small playbar update…
I’ll try again tomorrow

Downloaded the updated app on three iOS devices and updated the hardware. No problems so far but I only have older Sonos gear so I can’t yet play with AirPlay 2.

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Yes!!! It works great I won’t be using the Sonos app anymore.

Working for me too!

Previously I’d been streaming podcasts through an Airport Express hooked up to the analog input on a Sonos Play5, which induced about 8 seconds of delay. It also meant that if I used the button on the Sonos to pause playback, the podcast kept playing silently on my iPhone. This fixes both of those issues quite nicely.

Works great! My wife can now use iReal Pro without hooking it up to an amp.

Working fine here, although the instructions on how to invoke it on the Sonos page are inaccurate. Or maybe it’s my reading comprehension…

Now working for me too! It’s great!!

OK I think I didn’t realise how much I enjoy this update until I used it :smiley:

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I’ve been looking forward to this if nothing else for being able to listen to Overcast via my phone or movies on the iPad whilst cooking. I have to say I’ve found it a little glitchy so far. Mine has been dropping the sound occasionally - which is weird?!

Have you found this?

I’ve found Airplay 2 with my Sonos Play:5 to be pretty reliable. The only time I’ve had any dropouts is when I’m on another floor from the Play:5 (and my WiFi base station) with the phone in my pocket as I move around.

There is a workaround for adding Overcast to Sonos. If you can’t Airplay to them (i.e., you have older Sonos units) this might suit your needs. It is bare-bones, but it works.

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I’m finding it an altogether unreliable service really :frowning: It doesn’t feel like they’ve got it right yet. Maybe it’s my Sonos (which is the one with built in Alexa). I’m finding it dropping out loads - which is way too annoying for me. I’m waiting for some kinda update to happen.