Sonos one is a new world of wireless speakers

Hey guys and girls I just joined the Sonos speaker ecosystem and the Amazon echo ecosystem but relation. Any recommendations on skills I should add. My experience with smart assistants has been limited to siri and homekit automation .

Amazon — set up daily/flash briefing mine is set for local weather, NPR news, stoic quote of the day, The Daily, a podcast. Hundreds of choices…

Amazon — Enable spreaker. the best podcast skill. Spreaker will not replace your podcast app. But does a fine job playing the latest episode of MPU.

Amazon — play Audible books

Not a skill but Echo/Alexa will spell words and do simple calculations. Run timers…

I live a rural setting . Listen to jazz/blues on KNKX radio. … thousands of choices.

I have grumbles with the Amazon universe. But it enhances my life.

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Or KCSM or TSF jazz.

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