Sonos - Playbar.... Use With a Computer?

Hi All…

I am considering using my Sonos Playbar as computer speakers. They sound great attached to my TV in the Family Room and I think they would make a nice addition to my computer setup.

Someone told me that if you sit too close to these, as a typical computer distance, they will not sound as good. He said sound bars are meant for entire rooms and to be further from your ears… Any truth to this? I know I can just try it out and see, but figured I’d ask :slight_smile:

I would love to repurpose these for my computer, so please weigh in!

How are you planning to connect the audio to your computer?

My playbar only has a Tosslink and a HDMI connection.
The only way I can send audio to it is via the Sonos app…

I have the CalDigit T3 and it has the Optical (Toslink) input! I was totally surprised to see it and that’s why I thought to use it :slight_smile:

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Lucky you!
I cant use ours with the current TV setup and moved it to the living room. I sounds “ok” but less then two HomePods…
Saving for that new Marantz streaming receiver and some nice speakers :slight_smile: