Sorting journal articles with Hazel

So, I am new to Hazel but am diving in deep to make it a useful tool for me in my everyday workflow. As a biologist and educator I store a bunch of literature in a database and am trying to set up Hazel rules that will move journal article PDFs and their accompanying bibliographic info files to a specific location where I can then import them into Endnote. The bibliographic info files are no problem because they have specific extensions that I can point to, but the journal articles themselves have been a bit more challenging because there are no constants in the PDFs that are found in all publications. What I am wondering is if there is a way to get Hazel to ignore text case (upper vs lower) so I can point at terms such as introduction, results, methods, etc that will help identify a PDF as scientific literature? Or perhaps some other way that I have not thought of? This has actually been fun, but I am still working on the learning curve!

check out this - I can elaborate my approach later back at the Mac.

Actually started with a “doi” rule but older papers did not have that so it had to be abandoned. Perhaps it will require an old and new paper set of rules.

My initial rule runs on a folder Article Downloads and sorts its contents into two separate folders Articles with DOIs (which can just be added to my citation manager with no further work) and Articles to File Manually. I’ve experimented with some more specific rules in the latter but in general they’re not that helpful, & I’ve turned most of them off.

Also the Articles to File Manually folder is a bit of a dumping ground, awaiting a student employee with some time - the oldest file there is a WordPerfect file of reading notes from 1997.