Sorting photos into albums by GPS location

Hello everyone!

(I asked the same question on automators forum with no success. Maybe here somebody can help.)

I’m trying to figure out how to sort photos taken with iPhone to albums based on location. Imagine you make a few images, videos in one location, then move to the next one. Later, you run a shortcut that creates an album, renames it, and pulls all photos from that location into the corresponding album.

In case it is not possible in the Photos app, I don’t mind exporting photos from the library to folders. I also don’t mind using Mac if it’s better suited for this job.

I have looked into Keyboard Maestro, Hazel but there is nothing about location. Have tried smart albums in the Photos app on Mac. It’s funny that adding “text” conditions to a smart album will filter photos by their location, but not all of them. I didn’t find this solution to be reliable.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Both Apple Photos and Google Photos automatically group your photos based on location. Would you want multiple albums for a city like Boston? If so you can use search (Paul Revere Home) to narrow the location. Then it would be a matter of selecting the photos and moving them to the album.

Apple Photos correctly identified photos from a tiny rural town in southern Mexico that I occasionally visit, so it can be quite accurate.