Soulver for iOS gone?

I tried downloading Soulver on my iPhone today and I can’t find it on the app store. The website only mentions the Mac version:

I checked my iPad and I still have it running there, so I know it existed on iOS at one point. Any idea what happened?

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I get a “this app is not available in your country or region” messaging when clicking the App Store link on Acqualia’s website for Soulver iOS.

They’re working on a new version for iOS which I believe they’re planning on launching ‘soon’ according to a MacStories interview.

Thanks Leo, I didn’t think to check their twitter account. I’m puzzled by companies who have a website, but don’t put important information like this on their site. It doesn’t inspire great confidence in their app. As much as I enjoy using Soulver, I’m afraid I’ll have to abandon it if this is how they manage their apps.

This is exciting—hope version 3 for iOS is imminent. I’ve been really happy with it for Mac and a few of the updates have been suggestions of mine. He’s a conscientious Mac/iOS developer despite his website not being the best. :wink:


I’ve been using Soulver for years and can vouch for its stability and quality. IMHO probably a bit of an overkill to abandon it for this one reason alone.

I’m looking forward to Soulver 3’s iOS release!

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I had a couple of Soulver docs with important financial information. I normally use my iPad for this, but on Saturday I was out visiting a family member. I wanted to talk about a financial thing in one of the Soulver docs, so I take out my iPhone to look at it and the app wasn’t installed for some reason. So I went to the App Store to get it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I didn’t know it would appear in this hidden My Purchases section of the App Store. At least now I know to look there in the future.

But still, I find it to be a major issue if an app disappears without a trace. There was not a single mention on the website. That is not an app I want to use to store important information. The free Apple Numbers app can do the job and I know it will always be available when I need it.

Now either you’re a serious developer who wants to be taken seriously and communicates with your users or you are an amateur who doesn’t think about your users. If I’m spending money on an app, I expect a professional attitude. Make it free if you can’t be bothered to let your users know what your plans are. And no, a tweet in response to a question is not good enough.

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I immediately upgraded from Soulver to Soulver 3 for the Mac when it came out two years ago, and I was frankly disappointed in it. Different architecture, different coloration, slightly different way of working. They essentially remade the app from the ground up (Acqualia Software basically said that the original code was a hack that needed revamping), and it’s taken them this much longer to (still not) get a syncable iOS app, which is disappointing.

I liked the original conceit on the Mac of app + files and I chafed at the new design of a single database containing all calculations, inside the app because at first you couldn’t save files out of the app. I use the app to make calculations and save Soulver documents into related Finder folders, which I couldn’t do for months after the v.3 release. And with the initial release printing was borked - if you were in Dark Mode and tried to print or save to PDF you got everything saved/printed as Dark Mode, which is a good way to use up all your ink/toner.

I’m glad to hear they appear to be finally coming up with v.3 of Soulver/iOS, but I’m chary of new releases by this developer now.


Ah, good to know. I am about to do a nuke and pave to Mojave (from High Sierra!) and was going to buy Soulver 3 right away. I’ll stick with Soulver 2 for now as it does everything I need it to do just fine.

Soulver’s my goto calculator, but I’m also fond of Calca. Hasn’t been updated for a bit, but it’s a very similar idea— slightly higher learning curve, but very powerful…

He’s just saying it was like that on release day. All of that stuff works fine now.

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Yes, it took several months for the Mac app to get up to speed but I’m using it.

I really don’t understand why it was imperative to rush out that new, rough-around-the-edges version in 2019, especially with no syncable iOS app anywhere on the horizon.

I’ve also been playing around with the Juno app. Probably overkill for most people, but perfect for me because I use Python every day. I really like the fact that you can use Markdown alongside your Python code. So it has that same feature I liked about Soulver of surrounding your calculations with text and explanations of what the numbers mean.

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Now that the issues with v3 are resolved, do you find it has any insignificant improvements over v2?

The way I use it the earlier version was (and remains) just as good. V.3 has more features but I have not delved into them.

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I agree, I tried the trial of Soulver 3 when it came out and didn’t care for it either, so I’ve stuck with version 2.

I loved Soulver! Used it for years but it got me interested in actually learning spreadsheets so I was able to start using Numbers for everything!

I use it for back of the envelope crunching, as it’s much faster to open and use than a spreadsheet for percentages, currencies and conversions.

I have occasionally also used Soulver for quick and dirty invoicing, saving as pdf and then emailing/iMessaging.

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The Alfred-type quick launcher and the CLI in 3 are pretty useful too. I’m an Excel expert, I guess, and I still prefer Soulver for a lot of quick math and reporting. Right tool for the job, etc. Due to the nature of the app, it’s taken me awhile to warm up to the new calculations, variables and affordances (more flexible variable names, etc.) But they’ve been incorporated.