Soulver for Mac, on sale until June 30

I don’t know if this is the first time it’s available for Mac, I’ve only used it on iOS. Unfortunately it’s only available for Mac on Mojave, which I refuse to install


Soulver for Mac is great. I bought it for my Mac in the Mac app Store in 2012 and I use it all the time, sometimes as a quick-and-dirty invoice I can save-as-PDF then send in an iMessage.

Note to all: this new v.3 will not be available in the Mac App Store (where 2.6.9 is the latest [last?] version.)

Of course, as a MAS purchaser they had no way to know I was a customer and no way to tell me about this, so thanks @tonycapp for the heads-up. I intend to purchase v.3 today.

But… the changes they’re making to the app give me some pause. Features have no been implemented, and the new app “manages sheets & folders for you (like Notes), rather than saving .soulver files in Finder. Soulver 3 can import Soulver 2’s XML based .soulver files. They will be migrated to the latest syntax and there may be some differences in results.”

Ugh. I like to keep my Soulver files in folders with related work. :pleading_face:


Perhaps the new format is better than XML?

“You can export your sheets into .csv, .txt or .slvr (a new json based file format for Soulver). Soulver files are Quicklookable in Finder”
(bottom of page:

JSON (javascript notation) is usually considered simpler, more modern, and ‘better’ than XML.

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Wow, Soulver user myself and I never expected a version 3 at all! Does it play nice with iOS version?

Soulver comes with a workflow for the popular productivity app Alfred. The full range of Soulver’s math capabilities are accessible via Alfred.

I am excited over this feature.

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I bought it, imported a few dozen .soulver files, and played with it a bit. I strongly recommend that people keep handy the online manual (which mystifyingly isn’t available in the app or as a pdf).

I was frustrated at first because I wasn’t seeing running totals, then I read in the documentation that the text I was used to entering needed now to be cordoned off as comments. Fair enough.

The only disappointment is that I had gotten used to using Avenir Next font which isn’t in the new version, and there’s no ability to use any installed font.

They seem to be hinting that a new iOS version will be forthcoming, which would be great to share files via iCloud if possible…

There is a 30-day trial, which I am trying, so anyone on the fence can just experiment with it. I may put off the purchase a bit and continue using Soulver 2, which still serves me really well. I really like that Alfred workflow integration, though.

Definitely check out the demo first, just be sure to put a reminder in your calendar or whatever to remind you that the sale price ends on June 30th (according to the fine print on the website).

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Thanks for posting this. I use Soulver 2 frequently for quick math on long lists of numbers. It seems like Soulver 3 has moved upmarket a bit to better serve the needs of people who maintain documents/calculations. I don’t think I’ve ever saved a Soulver document. But, I really like the new cmd+t subtotal and the improved date processing.

Ha, I must have registered with them somehow, because I just received an email about v.3 which acknowledged that I owned v.2

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This is frustratingly becoming standard fare. I understood the the lack of phone support from Indevs and somewhat delayed response but today it’s hard to find an suitable offline manual or even PDF for apps that really need them. You go to Youtube and many developers have neglected sites, old stale content. I find myself quickly trashing apps if I can’t grok them quick enough.

Actually, there IS a online manual:

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It only took a few days using this before I went ahead and bought it.

I think the “Sheets” idea is a winner, because it makes it much easier to find things that I have saved before.

For example, I saved a sheet called “2019 Mileage” which has the 2019 mileage rate already in it. In Soulver 2, I had a “Mileage.soulver” file, but I almost never remembered to check it, so I ended up googling “2019 IRS mileage rate” every couple of months when I needed to turn in mileage for work.

I have another sheet where I’m going to keep examples of things where I’ve done “Percentage Of” calculations, and another one where I do size calculations (bytes, MB, GB, etc).

So now I’m already anxious for the iOS version to get updated.


What’s your objection to Mojave?

I use Alfred. All I have to do is search for “Mileage” and it will show me the Soulver 2 file and pressing Enter will open it.

Soulver 3 sheets is available in Spotlight Search too, but I am not sure how to make it appear in Alfred. If it does appear in Alfred, then it doesn’t matter (to me) if it is a file or a sheet.

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but there’s an Alfred workflow included in Soulver 3 under the “Install Extras” menu item, shown below:

I am using the Soulver 3 Alfred workflow extensively already, thanks. This workflow is to do quick calculation from within Alfred search bar… for instance, I could issue a command:
u usd23 in euro
and it will show me the conversion.

However, this workflow does not search all the sheets in Soulver 3.