Sound- and shock-absorbing slippers, anyone?

This is not tech-related at all so please remove it if I’m offending the MPU-gods somehow. But this forum is the closest to a second-brain that I know of and so I have to ask. And my focus is off the rails due to this issue.

I live below a person in an apartment who walks around like an elephant and every single step she takes goes straight through to me. So guess what I’m giving her for her next birthday!

Can anyone recommend sound- and shock-absorbing slippers? I’m guessing, I’m not the only person out there at home a lot at the moment.

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself.


Haha :laughing: excellent John! An actual LOL occurred right there.

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How’s your relationship with this person? And how do you want it to be after your gift?

I would consider this passive-aggressive behavior.

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Yeah, I’m thinking it would be easier and a lot less stressful to modify your behavior instead! Bose makes the noise canceling headphones.

And how about ballet slippers!

Good luck! It’s stuff like that which will drive you bonkers!

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Yeah. I should speak to her first haha

Too late already unfortunately