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Ok Fam,

Seems like a recent episode of MPU mentioned a Mac app that controls your sound source and can live in your menu bar - so you can quickly see and/or switch your sound outputs. But for the life of me I can’t remember where I saw it and when I tried to search (my terms may have been poorly made - thats frequently a problem for me) but… here I am.

Am I making this up or is there a menu bar app that shows the sound source on our macs so I don’t have to go into the System Preferences app to check when I’ve messed something up?

Thanks in advance!


We really are like family man. Are you thinking of Sound Source? You still living in C Town?

That is probably the app I was thinking of! I’m about to find out. And yes, we live just outside by the wildlife refuge.

How is down south treating you?

Ok, I actually have that one (and a couple other RA apps) but I want to say that as it was discussed, it was just a simple menu bar app that should what your output was set to and let you change it on the fly from the menu bar.

As I clean the office and clear my head, I may just have to go back and find the podcast. My problem is I get out of order and then can’t remember which it was or how old it actually was! This getting old stuff is for the birds! It really messes with my memory.

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Preaching to the choir brother. I swore I’d never be that parent that mixed up the names of their children. I can barely describe inanimate objects correctly the first time anymore. Really humbling to have a 2nd grader correcting you all the time.

Arkansas still isn’t half bad. I’m still enjoying my stay.

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Ok Bro, it could have been SoundSource. After opening and closing that app, a headphone (AirPods pro) icon appeared in the menu bar. When I click it, I can change the sound output on the fly.

Damn. I’da never thunk it, but I’m glad I bought that app!

Unrelated, you on facebook still? You in the dads group I admin?

Are you running Big Sur?
Sound controls are built into the control center in the menu bar.

Oh man, I’m with you there. They’re almost 40 now and still giving me crap about it!

+1 for SoundSource. great app!

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