Spaces - new distraction free writing app

I haven’t seen MPU users discuss this app yet, but I though you all should be aware since writing apps are popular here. Spaces is a new writing app that the developer thinks of as a combination between Apple Notes, Bear, and Ulysses. It is markdown based and tag based for organizing but has unlimited nesting of tags. There are iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, and watchOS apps. The watchOS app has yet to be released.

Bonus: You can buy a lifetime subscription until February 15 for $35, for those that don’t like subscriptions. Otherwise it’s $15/year.



I encourage all markdown editor hoppers like myself to try it out!

That being said, I ended up dropping it because I couldn’t figure out how to get in edit mode.

Seems to be pretty buggy. I tried it briefly on my iPad and the search box was stuck on screen. Tried it a few versions later, still the same.

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What features does Spaces add that iAWriter does not have ?


One that chafes me is the lack of syntax highlighting in code blocks. It’s not that big of a deal but it is one I miss when I use iA Writer (and it’s my primary markdown editor)

I am using now and find it meeting and exceeding all my writing needs. Checked out and did not see anything that would lead me to give up Craft. I’d recommend looking at them both. It’s good to see so many writing apps out there but somewhat of a pain since I tend to be attracted to shiny objects.