Spam in my Gmail inbox that's not addressed to me?

Recently I’ve started getting spam that doesn’t have my address in the “to” field. It’s addressed to “” “Russell” is the first string of characters in my Gmail address (followed by other letters), but I’ve never had an AOL account. Here’s a screenshot of my Gmail “to” popup:2021-07-11-0653-31

Any idea how these are ending up in my Gmail inbox?


Your real email address might be bcc:'d.

I’d guess it’s spam with many addresses in the bcc field. Might be worth a look at the email headers though.

I don’t see a bcc field, but in the Gmail interface, I selected “Show original” and saw a large chunk of text that included my email address:

Received: from ( [])
by with ESMTP id rv24si13832377ejb.690.2021.

(Substituting “myemailaddress” for the real one.)

I’ve made a Gmail filter that trashes anything addressed to Maybe that will work.


Yeah, you won’t see the BCC field.

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