Spark +AI capabilities

I got an email today about AI being incorporated into Spark email. One of the things that piqued my curiosity is the ability to proofread your email. Does anyone use an email client that has the ability to proofread for grammatical mistakes? I never thought about that.

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I compose most of my emails in Drafts. I have a premium subscription to Grammarly (I work at a university and do a LOT of editing and proofreading). Grammarly runs in many apps, including Drafts. So, it makes no difference which email client I use. It’s just a matter of sending the Drafts composition to it.

Do you mean by installing the grammarly desktop app?

Yes. (Since posts must be 20 characters, you get this.)

Both Microsoft and Google offer grammar checking at this time, but the introduction of Co-Pilot and Duet AI makes me wonder how popular standard email clients will be if AI catches on with regular users.

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