Spark and Apple Mail Daily Usage

Hey MPU,

Until Spark plays nice and releases an update to remove ‘sent by Spark’, I highly doubt I will upgrade to Spark 3 at the moment. It’s been years since I used Apple Mail that I have forgotten the experience. :rofl:


  1. Does anyone currently use either Spark or Apple Mail?
  2. If Spark, are you still Spark? If Apple, are you still Apple?
  3. What made you switch? How long ago was the switch?
  4. What is your experience in using said app over all devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac)
  5. What advice do you have before switching in either direction?

The update has already been released that removes the “Sent by Spark”

I just use Apple Mail because it has the features I need. All I use email for is reading and writing emails. I don’t use it as a filing system or task manager. I require rules for incoming email to be sorted into various mailboxes for my reading convenience.


I use Apple Mail because it’s the only app that doesn’t give me severe anxiety whenever I open it. I have it set so only people I’ve identified as VIP’s trigger notifications, and I find it’s simple layout easy to wrap my head around.

When I tried Outlook with my 3 accounts, I found I was constantly flipping between screens. Inbox, focused inbox, calendar, focused inbox for my other account, inbox, calendar, focused inbox. I could never get a high-level, here’s-what’s-going-on-view of everything.

Spark may have worked better for this, but I work in healthcare and my emails sometimes contain patient data. My work tells people to use Outlook or the stock app. Spark’s privacy policy with my work account just didn’t give me a great feeling.

But yeah, I find the stock app is simple, it’s easy to read, and works well to stay out of my way.

I know Outlook can be tinkered with and focus inboxes can be adjusted/removed, but it’s so fiddly and so busy. Not a fan. I also find it buggy. I had do not disturb (within Outlook) turned on if I was in a meeting or it was off work hours, but it would often show me as busy in the middle of a day where I had no appointments. I don’t know – buggy and busy is how I’d describe Outlook on mobile.