Spark App Syncing Issue

I’m running Spark mail on my iPhone and iPad and have been experiencing an issue lately where the emails I’ve deleted on my phone still show in my inbox on my iPad. Ive seen this with Apple Mail from time to time and usually allowing a moment for the account to resync resolves the issue. But this has not been a solution here. This gets a bit distracting and sometimes down right annoying when I process uprights of 40-60 emails through the day.

Any helpful thoughts?

I have removed and reinstalled the app on my iPad with no improvement.

I’ve also emailed Readdle about the issue.

What email provider?

I’ve been seeing this too over the last few days. I use gmail and sync seems to be taking a long time to catch up between ios devices and then my MacBook Pro. It does seem to get there eventually…after about three minutes connected to wifi. I’ve processed a few emails multiple times by accident and that’s caused all sorts of issues.

I don’t have a solution but wanted to offer some solidarity! :slight_smile:

Same here. I’m using Newton, Exchange, and my own IMAP server. I have Lazarus emails that come back from the trash or archive to haunt me again. Maybe it’s something inherent to iOS and macOS, as we’re seeing it across clients and providers.

Exchange and iCloud.

Same here. It’s Exchange that’s a total fail. That’s my work email and this is a critical fail that I can’t have. Last update said it fixed this. It did not.

I’ve been seeing artifact mails and read statuses in Spark too for the last few days. But only on my iPad running the iOS beta. my iPhone seems fine so far.

I use multiple Gmail and one Exchange (O365) account, and have only noted issues in Exchange.

I assumed it was a beta thing given my phone’s status … until I came across this thread.

I stopped using Spark because it’s syncing has become spotty and for several days there was no syncing at all. I use gmail, FastMail, iCloud mail and a few ipage accounts. None sync and the status between devices never updates, meaning reading an email on my iPhone still show it as new on my iPad.

I’m giving Airmail a try. I’m not a fan overall but I need something more capable than Apple Mail and it’s the only other app that has the things I want.

I’m having the same issue on my iPad. The syncing problems affect both my gmail and office 365 accounts. Both the Mac and iPhone apps are not having any syncing issues.