Spark email app and forcing function to newer Spark Desktop

Hi everybody,

Earlier today when I tried to open my longstanding Spark mail app on my Mac Pro, it prompted me to sign up again. Obligingly, I clicked on the email account option and gave permission to open in browser. I selected the email account, provided the permissions and then was prompted to allow Safari to open…………Spark Desktop!

I tried several times, each time only prompting with the ‘allow Safari to open Spark Desktop’ option. Had Spark Desktop closed, no difference. All I wanted was my classic Spark to open!

Firstly, not sure why I had to re-sign in to Spark in the first place, it’s been my main email app on all my devices for years. Secondly, the classic Spark has my swipes set up to work with Omnifocus (main reason I use it over Mail).

Seems like a forcing function to migrate users to the newer Spark Desktop app, which looks nice, but doesn’t obviously allow me the same functionality with swipes.