Spark email snoozing not working πŸ˜•

I’ve been Spark Mail use her for over a year. The primary future I use is the snooze mail option and through whatever reason I have emails that are snoozed till August 14th that are still showing up in my inbox.

I had the same issue already some months ago. After contacting the developer it was a known issue and the engineers were working on it. But so far it hasn’t been resolved for me. I have even gone back to the β€˜normal’ inbox instead of the β€˜smart’ inbox.

Might be a good idea to contact them as well, so they are aware it is broader issue.


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I will. Have you switched email clients in the meantime?

Not yet, still hoping for a quick fix.

Just sent feedback or support request to Reedle so we’ll see if they respond.

I’ve had some problems with snoozed email popping up early too.

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