Spark Mail on iPhone Not Updating

I use Spark on my iPhone, Mac, and iPad. For whatever reason emails aren’t showing up from my main email (Gmail) on my iPhone. Everything is fine on my Mac and iPad. Should I delete and reinstall Spark? Don’t want to loose my preferences is my worry and Readdle support is flooded so they haven’t responded back.

I’m not having that problem but after trying desperately to use Spark (at least 8 different times for ~ a week each time) I gave up. I’d love to use Spark but I keep running into various issues, e.g., rendering problems, difficulty selecting/copying text from a long thread and most recently, Spark kept duplicating names from a group when I entered the group name in the address field. It is a great app with a lot of great features but it just has “issues.” I’ve defaulted back to Apple Mail and plan to stay with it for the foreseeable future. It is not feature rich but it does “just work.” Sorry I’m not more help.

I’m using Spark for my non-urgent gmail account (newsletters, etc.), and it’s currently working fine on my iPhone and iPad. Yes, maybe a reinstall is in order. Sorry!

Thanks all, switching to the Apple Mail app for the time being and I’ll play with reinstalling Spark this weekend on my iPhone. Doesn’t seem that the Mail app allows Snoozing or Scheduling Emails. Maybe I’m wrong but not easily apparent.