Sparky: we want you to talk about being a lawyer!

I keep hearing you mention the “lawyer-talk” in a way that makes it seem like it would be less interesting to us, but that’s what makes you a power user! That and podcasting, but all podcasters talk about podcasting - that’s the part I get tired of hearing about, especially everyone mispronouncing Røde, which has two syllables, and no one ever gets even one of them right…

Anyway, keep up the lawyer talk, it’s far more relatable than mic-amps or sound processing workflows.

Edit: Also, keep the flow of guest appearances from power users with backgrounds other than podcasting and blogging coming. I know this has never stopped, but I’d just like to point out that those are appreciated because they bring another view.


Yes I’d love this, too, especially with longer-term reflections on the impact of tech on law.

@MacSparky please also revisit Cooking Ideas (e. 82), with your new eyes (and software and hardware and co-host).


Agreed, except that I like hearing about audio work, too. :slight_smile:

+1 and i enjoy your California hippie talk

be yourself we enjoy seeing how it integrates into a tech life!


I could not agree more. I wish podcasters would stop talking about their podcasting setup and workflow every once in a while


I agree. Just be yourself. Being a lawyer is a part of it. It is not boring!

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This drives me nuts! “A podcast about how I created this podcast”
I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on tv but I am interested in how people use technology to get their jobs done.

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And the sandwich they had for lunch.

Gang … we are actually talking to quite a few interesting folks right now who have never podcasted so some interesting things planned on that front. At some point I will get into the lawyer workflows.

Also … cooking ideas update! You bet. If you liked that show, you may also like Focused.


“You” < > “we/us”

There are loads of lawyer podcasts out there with plenty of “lawyer talk.” For mac-using tech nerds, this podcast is an invaluable resource for entirely relatable Apple software, hardware, and tech workflow tips. Hosts’ brief anecdotes are fun, but overall please stay on the path!

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Would love to hear some of your lawyer workflows, even if its as a guest on a more law related podcast.

+1 from me on lawyer talk and hippie stuff.

I’d like to hear more from people who are NOT passionate about their work. People for whom the job is something they do so they can do other things — raise a family, pursue hobbies, travel. That’s the vast majority of the population.

On one of CGP Grey’s podcasts, they talked about eliminating breakfast and minimizing lunch to maximize productivity. I rolled my eyes. What about eating because eating is awesome?