Sparky's Desk Setup

Finally got around to posting this. I even exposed my underside.


re: your mounting system, I recently bought some VHB tape (the same tape that holds the skin on the Walt Disney Concert Hall), and it is wicked strong.

Anyone considered something a little less “tacky”? lol
I’m considering mounting one on the backside of my desk for backup drives, power supplies, etc.

Do you not use your Synology for storage or is it now for Plex media storage only?

Thanks for sharing. Where can I purchase your daughter’s field guide? :slight_smile:

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@MacSparky I sincerely hope your reference to using your numpad with KM gets some airtime in the upcoming video field guide? Can’t leave us hanging like that! :sunglasses:

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I’m in the market of a powered hub but I wish there’s a USB-C port or two in the HooToo to charge the MacBook and fast charge the iPhone XS. Do you like HooToo for the brand or only this particular hub works out for you? Sad that there’s no USB-C.

@MacSparky – the bell? For sound checks? Or calling the podcast to order :grinning:


I believe that is for when @ismh mentions a KBase article?

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Yup. The first week we started podcasting together @ismh just mailed it to me. I was super nervous about the host transition and this little bell was so pleasing. It still makes me smile. I “ding” whenever he talks about kbase on the show.


This isn’t the one. I believe Anker has some pretty good ones now that can power a MacBook.

Never owned a Synology. Had a Drobo but it’s currently offline.

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I see what you did there. :slight_smile:

I love that bells are becoming a podcasting trope! ATP, Merlin Mann, and now Sparky!

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Great post @MacSparky. I noted the USB hub with interest. I have also tried many over the years but, like you, have found them to be poor in use.

I tried to see if the HooToo one recommended by David is available in the UK but sadly appears not to be. There is this more recent Anker one which seems similar. Does anyone know if HooToo and Anker are the same under the skin? I have had a non-powered Anker but that does not always pick up data connections so not happy with it.

I have the Anker USB hub. It’s worked well for me. The Wirecutter recommends it also:

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Many thanks @ChrisUpchurch. Good review so looks like I will go for this one.

Is that a Rotring 600 on the pad of paper?