Special Bookmarks Menu Folder Missing

Through a bookmarks “mishap”, the Bookmarks Menu folder was deleted. Last time this happened a couple years ago, I was able to recover my bookmarks and folders via iCloud Settings - Advanced - choose which date. Now, you can only recover individual bookmarks for a limited time.

The screenshot was made while in the alternate user on my MacBook, running Mojave.

Just adding a folder called bookmarks menu does not yield the icon you see in the screen cap, and I would guess some other functionality.

I suspect it involves a file in the User - Library - Safari folder.

Anyone have a solution for this?

Have you tried rolling back that folder with Time Machine?

I used TM to restore the Bookmarks.plist from prior to the incident, on my Mini. The bookmarks were changed after restarting Safari, then disappeared with a minute. I am planning to try the TM restore on my MacBook today to see if it sticks there. iCloud synch for Safari is active among my 2 Macs and iPad, iPhone.

I’ve tried to replace ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist file before, but it will not survive a meeting with iCloud sync.

The only thing that seems to work is doing File > Export Bookmarks which will create an HTML file.

So, if you have a Time Machine backup of the Bookmarks.plist file, you’ll need to disconnect from the Internet in order to make that export before iCloud overwrites it.

(Note: it’s been awhile since I did this, so I’m talking from memory. Caveat emptor.)