Spell checking for Mac OS

I posted this query on another forum, but received no response, and so I am hoping that MPUs may be more forthcoming.

I have been going through my 32-bit applications to see what I can dispense with when I eventually move on from Mojave. I have installed a couple of indispensable ones on a Mojave virtual machine in Parallels, but one application for which this won’t work is Spell Catcher. So my question is: are there any viable alternatives to Spell Catcher? Or do you just right-click on words marked as misspelt by the system spell checker to correct them? Having used Spell Catcher since 2004 and become accustomed to its popup window with numbered suggestions and other shortcuts, this would seem like an extremely backward step, as well as being inefficient. Or are there some tricks to spell checking that I aren’t aware of?

Spell Catcher’s developer died eight years ago. Back in the 80s I used his original spellcheck app, ‘Thunder!’

For a replacement, take a look at Grammarian Pro 3, which announced that it’s Big Sur-compatible. It does spell-check and grammar-check. Not cheap at $49, but it might be the best option if you’re used to Spell Catcher, unless you’re okay with a service like Grammarly, which has free and paid tiers.

I tried Grammarian Pro 2 some years ago, but found that I was unable to type diacritics such as macrons when using Grammarian’s input method. I contacted the developer at the time, but he didn’t have a solution, and when I tried Grammarian Pro 3 soon after it was released, it still hadn’t been fixed. I have wondered whether it might be because Grammarian isn’t Unicode-compliant, but at any rate it makes Grammarian unusable for me.