Spelling correction for iOS?

I’m iffy at spelling and sometimes my ios keyboard can’t figure out what I’m trying to spell. Aside from going in and setting up auto-correct/replacement any other tools? I see Grammerly has a keyboard but a bit mindful of privacy though I use it on my Mac so they might have everything already.

If Apple only could figure out what language to pick for what contact…
Should not be hard to figure that out :frowning :angry:

I absolutely suck at spelling and grammar, my solution is that I actually pay an editor for long form stuff.

Day to day if I hit a word I can’t spell I put it in a sentence and do a google search.

I subscribe to Grammarly and would pay in a heartbeat for an iOS keyboard version.

As in this?


Wow thanks, I totally missed that!

I’ll have to give it a try