Spicy carrots are delicious

At the grocery store yesterday browsing through the fresh salsas, my eyes fell on a container of spicy carrots. I remembered how David often uses spicy carrots as an example of an item on his shopping list whenever he’s talking about listmaking software. So I said sure why not and bought a container. Delicious!

I remember having them years and years ago at a Mexican restaurant and not liking them. Perhaps the restaurant had a different recipe. Or maybe my tongue has gotten leathier over the years.

So that’s two things David has recommended that were not tech-related that I tried and enjoyed. The other was the series Dickinson. I eventually got tired of the contemporary language and hip-hop music in that one, but I liked it for a couple of episodes.


Totally with you on spicy carrots. Once you start… Wash them away with a bit of Hefeweizen from Trader Joe’s…

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We can’t buy them in UK, are they easy to make at home?

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I have never tried this but have a look here; https://keviniscooking.com/authentic-mexican-pickled-carrots/


Funny topic an MPU, but I will play. My wife made some pickled beets- they were very tasty.

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