Split iOS video on iOS?

I have a 45 minute iPhone video (landscape orientation) of a performance with several acts. I want to split it at each act.

I’ve tried iMovie, but I’m left with … one 45-minute video split into four or five parts, where the splits only seem to exist inside iMovie. I can export the whole thing back to my camera roll (which takes forever), but pretty sure that’s still just one 45 minute video.

Is there any simple iOS app that will let me split a long landscape-oriented video into multiple standalone videos?

I know this may be too simple, but can you open iMovie, choose the video, split it at the first point, delete the rest, export first part, and repeat with the rest of the splits? It worked on a smaller video for me, so it was fairly quick.


@JEMIII is exactly right

  1. take a backup copy of your original movie just in case
  2. make as many copies of the movie as you want separate videos
    Repeat the below for each video you want.
  3. import each movie to an imovie Project
  4. delete everything but the “performance” you want
  5. export the movie

I was about to suggest the same, but just to note that iMovie isn’t even needed for this – videos can be quickly trimmed by editing them in the Photos app.



Here’s the Photos way…


Thanks everyone – this is great. I hadn’t realized it was possible in Photos, @oldblueday and @dario – thanks! The multiple-copies-in-iMovie occurred to me, but seemed so clumsy (and slow).

Problem solved – but next time I think I’ll just stop recording between segments!

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