Split PDFs by Bookmark or Table of Contents


First topic from me on this forum!

I have left Adobe Acrobat Pro behind to get away from its subscription and the fact that it has a lot of bloat. I have moved to PDFpen Pro v11. I have been buying it since v7 and I love Smile Software. It also seems to have (nearly) all the tools I am used to in Acrobat. I am missing being able to colour the bookmarks and table of contents, though.

The biggest utility I miss is being able to split a bundle of documents by bookmarks or table of contents and have the split files named as per those bookmarks, etc. I know I can select pages and extract them and then save them with whatever name I choose, but that is a long and laborious job. I deal with big PDFs of between 500-1000 pages and often disordered. I would like to be able to read, bookmark or construct a table of contents, then split and have the split documents as per the bookmark, etc. That way the computer will put them into the order I wish either chronologically or alphabetically. I can then combine them in that preferred order.

Is there a KM or AppleScript or tool/app out there that will achieve this that the forum could recommend? I do not mind command-line tools if they come with clear instructions!

Many thanks!

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