Split View in Pages and Numbers in iPadOS

I don’t know how to use Split View in Pages or Numbers. Am I missing something? These seem to be the most obvious uses for the feature and I guess they arn’t there yet.
I mean having Split View in Notes, Mail and Messages is fine but I didn’t miss it there. I need it most for cross referencing of two documents in Numbers, Sheets or Excel.
Am I wrong??

Works for me on IOS 12.3.1. launch both Numbers and Excel, then open one of them full screen, then from bottom row pull the other into the right or left side.

No, he was specifically referencing the ability in iPadOS to open to instances of the SAME app. So, to open multiple documents in the same app at the same time… Numbers, or Pages. I’ve just tried and it’s not working for me either. I’d guess Pages, Numbers or Keynote, they probably need app updates to support the new feature. Just a guess!

Thanks that was exactly what I meant, fixed my post to make that clearer.

Pages, Numbers, et. al. are all App Store apps rather than built into iOS/iPadOS. Which means they haven’t been updated yet and there’s no TestFlight for them that I know of.

I did not think of that. That’s makes perfect sense. Thanks for helping!

That’s sad, I will have to use my iPad as a full-time computer until the next beta since the Catalina public beta made the files app and most other stock apps on my Mac unusable. I should have heeded the warnings… .

“ Quo usque tandem abutere, Catalina, patientia nostra?” :upside_down_face: