Splitscreen/Slideover from App in Dock Folder - gone forever?

I’m on iPadOS 13.1.3(?), and i still cannot open an app into splitscreen or slideover from a folder in my dock. (I had been using the great MacSparky trick of Make, Fix, Learn, Play in my dock.)

  1. Am I missing something obvious?
  2. Now that we’re into the “point one” betas, i think we can assume it’s never coming back, correct?
  3. Given this, how is everyone’s workflow evolved? How are you opening non-docked apps into SS/SO? Is there some crazy two-handed gesture that i’m not aware of and probably not ambidexterous enough to pull off if I was?

Working for me. When I drag the app over towards the side and hold, I then tap the bottom of the screen at the multi-tasking area and that releases the blurred background and puts it into a mode where it can receive the dragged app into the sidebar. Also, the same thing works for searching for an app in Spotlight and dragging it into split view. demo

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Danny- wow, thanks for sharing the video. That is 100% not working for me. Hmmm. I guess it’s time to file a radar!!!

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I’m able to do split screen, but not one app in multiple spaces (other than Safari). If I open Notes with Calendar, then open Mail and pair it with Notes, then Notes disappears from the pairing with calendar. Also using 13.1 public beta 2 on an iPad Pro 11.

what @Denny has demonstrated works for me as well. So I still keep folders in my dock.
(have reported this as a bug since I’ve been on the beta)

What does really tick me off is the fact that you also can’t add an app to a folder in the dock.
You have to remove the folder from the dock, add the app, and put the folder back in the dock.
Really annoying!

I guess I’m going to have to do a nuke-and-pave at this point. Also having another problem no one else seems to be having. Maybe I wait till the operating system comes out of beta?

So, this stinks. I did a clean install back to 12.4.1, set up clean, without pulling any backup data, and then installed 13.1 beta 4. Still not working. Here’s a video of me trying.

Are you guys on the newest version of the iPads? I’m on the 10.5" iPad Pro. I wonder if this is a model issue.

Or I’m doing something insanely stupid…

It’s not a model issue, it’s ipadOS.

You can easily make it work though:

  • start app
  • open dock,
  • select split view app and drag over
  • tap the “hazy” bit of the screen with another finger
  • put app in split screen

this works for me

What does NOT work anymore is multiple app instances in split view (apart from safari)
That functionality was announced, but is totally gone now.

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Multiple App instances is working fine for me.

Newest 12.9” ipad. And I will say, it is a tricky maneuver. I could see someone not getting it, it’s not as easy as it was before. When you’re pulling your app from the folder and taking it to the edge of the screen with one hand then tapping at the bottom of the screen, try tapping more than once, all the while holding your app on the side of screen. What I really dislike about it is that in the folder you pulled the app from the icons are all moving around is if iPadOS thinks you want to move your app to a different screen in the folder. It’s very distracting. You have to ignore all that and just focus on holding your app near the edge of screen while tapping the bottom of screen. For me, after a tap or two, the hazy blur disappears as the opening for the split screen placement appears.

really? Can you put a note next to safari AND a note next to mail?

If I do that and then check “all windows” I will get only the last one I linked.

Yeah, works fine for me. I’ve currently got 4 Notes windows. One with Safari, one with mail and two, each of those full screen. They show up fine in multitasking and in the show all windows display.

Lucky you! :slight_smile:

That broke for me in beta 3 I think, have reported it as feedback since.

Oh. My. God.

First off, thank you to everyone for giving me the detailed explanation. Of course it turns out I could do this the whole time.

Second; are you kidding me? I don’t know if this qualifies as a gesture or a hidden cheat code.

Does Apple really think that the average user is going to remember this, or even (God forbid) figure this out on their own?

I am not 100% sure that I am going to remember this tomorrow!

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Actually I think slideover or split screen is not an average user thing in Apple’s view. And because of that should not be too obvious or discoverable.

Fair point. But boy, it’s confusing. :crazy_face:

(Yes, I’m an adult who just used that emoji.)