Spoken content in accessibility keeps stopping

Hi all,

A normal part of my workflow is on occassion to highlight a portion of text in an article or whatever and using the [Option + Esc] buttons my Mac will read that text to me using Text to Speech.

Now for some reason I have noticed that lately (in the last couple of days, this has begun to randomly stop reading the text and end the application prematurely

I have no explanation for this but it is highly irritating and messing with my flow.

It appears that if I attempt to do anything else on screen it is stopping the sound. I was for example able to have the screen read this whole message all the way through. But, the moment I touched the magic trackpad to do anything else whilst it was reading, it stopped.

It never used to stop.

I say someone one youtube suggesting that I delete various sound files and then restart the Mac. I tried this and it has not worked.

Naturally I have had several full restarts and this has not had any affect either.

I am wondering if this awesome community has any advice?

I have a new Mac Mini M2 which I migrated details from my older MacBook Pro 2015. Not sure if that has any bearing but I thought that I would mention it anyway.

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I have the same problem from last week… Do we know why??

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I wonder if it’s something that happened with the latest update that I maybe didn’t pay attention to. Either way, it’s comforting to know that I am not going mad and it’s not just happening to me.

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The same thing is happening to me and it just happens randomly, even when I do not touch my track pad.

How long has it been happening to you? I’m wondering if it’s a recent thing or if it’s been going on for quite some time.

For me it’s only been happening recently. I certainly don’t remember this being a problem before. It’s a significant part of my workflow, so it’s very irritating.

Yep, I heavily rely on it too, but it’s been acting up for the past couple of weeks. It’s driving me nuts, and I’m on the hunt for a fix because I really don’t want to resort to using some third-party software.

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Could someone please assist? This is becoming quite frustrating now!

I am running the latest beta of Sonoma (Version 14.4 Beta) on my Mac mini M2 and I am not experiencing this problem. I am running the previous beta of Sonoma (Version 14.3 Beta) on my MacBookAir M2 and it’s working fine there. I don’t have any answers for you but I thought this info might help. Good luck. :grinning:

I have found that so far the one way around it is to highlight the text I am trying to hear and then use the Right click of the mouse method, followed by ‘Speech’; ‘Start Speaking’.

So far I have found that I can get on with other things WITHOUT it stopping working.

The method where I use Option; Escape is still messing about.

I also have ‘PopClip’ installed and have added the ‘SAY’ action, meaning that all I need do is highlight text and then ‘Say’; becomes an option. I am frustrated by the speed of the speech and want to increase that, but that’s a problem for another day… so if anyone can help with that I’d welcome it.

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I’ve been seeing the same problem since I installed Sonoma I’m pretty sure. I’ve also had a odd issue with MS Teams and not being able to read its text either.

I’ve also found your resolution of using the “Start Speaking” option by right clicking. Additionally, I’m playing with creating an applescript to read the content of the clipboard: say (the clipboard)

That said, I think the pattern I’ve seen (mostly) is if your focus changes from the cursors standpoint. If you don’t move at all, it stops speaking less I think.

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