Spotica Menu - Spotify and Apple Music in the menu bar

I was looking for a menu bar app that’s able to display the current song playing on Spotify.
I used to rely on SpotMenu, but the development seems to be abandoned.
I discovered Spotica Menu and decided to give it a try.

I was shocked by the customization options!

  • You can choose what song info you want to be displayed, like song, album, artist, year, etc.
  • show/hide playback controls
  • It can display the song progress as text showing the time or as a bar below the song title, all inside the menu bar :exploding_head:
  • Choose between Spotica icon, album cover or artist image.
  • Lots of color customization.

All of this in the free version. There are additional options if you register (in-app purchase). It’s available only in the Mac App Store.

Definitely recommended!


Anyone else having trouble combining this with Bartender 4?

I only see the Spotica menubar item when I quit Bartender… :cry:

Yes. Same problem. I fiddled with it a bit in Bartender’s settings, then closed the Spotica app and moved on :slight_smile:

I also tried the latest test version (4.1.4) of Bartender, but it still does not work :cry:

I don’t use bartender, so I can’t help in this front.
When I finish listening to music I usually quit both Spotica and Spotify.

I enabled the option to launch Spotify when Spotica starts, saves at least one click :slight_smile: .

I use SwiftBar to display the current playing song on Spotify/Apple Music. It doesn’t have all the mini-player features and UI that Spotica has, but in my experience it plays perfectly fine with Bartender and does everything I need it to.

I use a simple app called menubar-ticker. Works on Catalina but I have not tested on Big Sur or Monterey.

Here is my Bartender shell script to show / hide Spotica if Music or Spotify are running:

if pgrep -x Music || pgrep Spotify
    echo true
   echo false

Which versions of Spotica and Bartender do you use? On which version of macOS?

I can’t get the Spotifica icon in the menubar at all when Bartender is enabled…

Spotica is latest as per App Store. Bartender is 4.1.5.

Currently running the Monterey Beta but can confirm that this worked fine with Big Sur.

Another app that is more basic, but has great options for rating tracks via hot keys is SmashTunes

I made the mistake of saying no to the prompt “allow Spotica to take control of Spotify” and I have no idea how to allow it. Looking through Privacy preferences does not yield any result. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Answering my own question - it’s in the Automation item in Privacy Settings: