Spotify family plan (OT)

This isn’t mac or iOS specific, so If I’m in violation of policy, let me know.

Do any of you have the Spotify Family plan?
How do they verify all listeners are at the same address?

Why do they care where the listeners are, as long as they get paid?
Many families have members in different states/households. Why should they not benefit?

Based on limited research, I believe they require that all members of the Family Plan enter the exact same address into each account’s profile plus they will periodically check to see if each member has connected to Spotify from the same (i.e. home network) IP address.

I don’t think there is a technical reason they don’t allow similar to a “friends and family” plan or extended family plan beyond the desire to limit abuse and force people not in the same household are paying full price.

That being said, they don’t hide the fact they consider the family plan to be for people in the same household. I don’t like that position either but they haven’t hidden it.

My wife and I are on the Family Plan. Even at only two people, it is a great value imo.

The “same home address” is just a business decision that mimics the usage pattern of physical media. As long as the kids live at home, they have access to the family music collection (on CD for instance). Once they go off on their own, they need their personal account.

Amazon does not require all the Echos associated with on a Prime account to be in the same physical street address or even in the same state. A Spotify account associated with the Prime account via the Alexa app will play on all the Echos of the account regardless of where they are.